No more Monday woes! 

Monday mornings come, and many of us feel overwhelmed and sometimes unmotivated. It doesn’t have to be like that. If you prepare yourself for the week ahead you’ll more than likely feel ready to take on the new week!

Sundays! My favorite day to get refocused and plan out the week ahead! Set goals for yourself throughout the week and achieve them! I take about an hour or so and prioritize what I need to get done. I utilize my planner to make my to do lists for my work, personal, and blogging life. Read More


Diorshow Mascara Review 

So recently I purchased the Diorshow mascara, my friends were highly recommending this particular mascara. I wasn’t convinced, but once I saw one of  my girlfriends lashes I was sold! I removed my lash extensions prior to trying the mascara to give my eyes a much needed break. I figured this would be a great alternative, a mascara that will give me that va-va voom effect lol. I went to Sephora and purchased it. I tried it on the next day, just to see how my lashes would look from morning to night. I was excited waiting for that moment where my lashes would be overwhelmingly amazing. To my avail, nothing happened. Read More

Birthday goodies! 

I recently celebrated my birthday, and I wanted to try a few new products that I heard great reviews on! As any woman on her birthday you want to dazzle and simply stand out lol! I went to sephora and heard great things about the Kat Von D lock it setting spray. At sephora they have a sample size of it, I figure let me try this size before I get the full size. I was simply amazed at how my makeup was flawless throughout the whole night! I will definitely buy the full size on my next trip! The cover fx illuminating setting powder was on my to buy list. Read More

My Daily Skin Routine

This is my daily skin routine. I use this combination every day! I recently received the Caudalie moisturizer and serum set from sephora for my birthday gift this month! I was beyond impressed with this gem! I have oily skin, so finding a good moisturizer that’s lightweight and hydrates my skin is something I love in a moisturizer. This moisturizer is lightweight, it hydrates my skin without feeling greasy. I would highly recommend to my oily babes out there! The serum left my skin feeling radiant, and left  me witha beautiful glow! A little goes a long way, this is a great investment for your skin.

I cannot emphasize the importance of water! First thing when I wake up in the morning I must have my water! In order to have healthy skin on the outside it starts on the inside! Water moisturizes your skin, keeps it fresh, glowing, and smooth! It helps get rid of wrinkles! Read More

Pursuing my dreams, starting beauty school! 

Hey all! I’m beyond excited to start this new journey in my life. I’ve always had a love for the beauty industry and admired those who have successful careers in this industry! Like many I took the traditional career path, graduating from an institution with an undergrad degree. I realized I wasn’t fully content taking this route. I realized my true passion in life is all things related to beauty. Read More