It’s been a while! Esthetics program update!

Hey all! It’s been some time lol I’ve been so busy with life especially school. This program has completely taken over my life…for the time being. I am going into my eighth week! Time really has flown by. I am a third of the way done with my program! I’m beyond excited, this has been a dream of mine since childhood.

In time since my last update, I’ve received my Aveda Esthetics Kit! The products from Aveda are plant based. Aveda cares for the world we live based on the products that are made. At Aveda we strive to set an example for environmental leadership and responsibility not just in the world of beauty, but around the world. Connecting beauty, environment, and well being is the vision of Aveda. The picture above is essentials for an Aveda Facial! I’ve practiced on a few other students throughout my school, this gave me a better understanding of different skin types and conditions I could come across as an esthetician. In two more weeks we will graduate to the next level, meaning I can start taking clients very soon! It’s exciting but nerve wrecking! To think the first I ever performed a facial was on one of my classmates, boy I was so nervous my hands were literally shaking lol. I feel so much more comfortable compared to my first time giving a facial.

It’s one thing to learn from a textbook, but to actually put into practice what you’re learning is an even better experience! It makes everything learned flow together harmoniously. I’ve enjoyed every step so far, the good and bad days. The bad days don’t over shadow the good ones though, I’ve met so amazing strong like minded females in my class. This has made those oh so bad moments, not so bad.

Next week we begin learning about waxing! I’m ready for this part of our program. Ive become more confident with each day that passes, according to my instructor. I feel confident in my abilities to perform my facials, and massages! I’m loving each day how I’m progressing and perfecting my craft! Everything can only go up from here!


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