My first makeup kit! 

My first official makeup kit! Finally took the time to invest in my craft! If you don’t invest in yourself, no one else will! Before I was using my own products on friends and family, but felt it wasn’t “official” since I’m using my own personal makeup. I feel as an aspiring makeup artist it’s best to have your own kit specifically for clients. It has more of a professional feel, makes me feel I’m making a great impression on those that I’m servicing! 

It definitely helps that all the items I purchased were at a great steal! BH Cosmetics was having a sale, and I couldn’t resist it lol. The products I purchased are great kit essentials to have. I was able to get a great eyeshadow palette with many neutrals and fun colors to create amazing looks. The pro line from BH Cosmetics I heard was an amazing line, and for makeup artists this is great! I was able to get the Studio pro concealers of different shades, setting spray, primer, and makeup sponges. I will definitely purchase again soon! I ordered the single use products on amazon. I purchased disposable mascara wands, eye liner, and a lip wand. It’s professional but most importantly hygienic! I purchased the small mist bottles for my disinfectant for my products. I still need a few more essentials but I’m super happy with my kit so far! Believe in yourself, your craft and know you can achieve anything you set your mind too! 


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