My Esthetician program update! 

Started my program last week and boy did I have a bunch of emotions and feelings lol. I was feeling nervous, excited, happy, out of place, unsure but I stuck it through, and I’m glad I did. The first day is generally long, draining and filled with information you’re bound to forget lol let’s be honest. I met some awesome girls in my class and I know I’ll be able to make it the next six months. I know some days will have its challenges, but I know I’ll be able to stick it through! On the first day we received a warm welcome from the owner of the Aveda Institute and was bought lunch on our first day, way to make a girl feel special. 

The first items we received was an Aveda t-shirt, apron, and our books. We were already assigned homework lol but it wasn’t bad at all just writing a letter to our future self. I received my iPad, the iPad contains the videos we have to watch daily that demonstrates the various facial and massage techniques. Also, we have a workbook that has our daily assignments, at this Institute it’s called homeplay, rather than homework. I should be receiving my skincare products for my kit fairly soon! The products in my kit is what we will use during our clinical class on one another to practice what we have learned. 

The dress code is all black everything, professional attire. This includes our name tag, clean and natural makeup. Needless to say, I had to go shopping and purchase school attire. Well this gave me an excuse to go shopping lol. 

The learning I’ve experienced already at Aveda Institute is proof I made the right decision to attend this school. The instructors care so much for the students, and are willing to ensure everyone understands what the content is about. They adjust to each students learning style, and I love that. Not many schools would be willing to ensure all students learning styles are taken into consideration. I know this time is going to fly by because week three is just around the corner. I enjoy coming to school daily, and enjoy learning. 

This week I’ve learned so much not only about the content in class, but more so about myself. I truly understand the meaning of the saying do what makes you happy. This has been a passion of mine since I was in elementary school, but let the words of family members discourage me from pursuing my dream. I’m finally in a place where happiness is all I want, and it’s so close! This is just the beginning, it can only get better! I’m so happy I listened to that inner my inner voice that’s been silent for so long! I have that fire within me, I can do anything I set my mind to! Believe me when I say do what makes you happy, you have to live your life everyday not those that discourage your dreams! 

I can’t wait to keep you all updated throughout my journey! 


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