BH Cosmetics Fall shadows! 

I purchased this palette during Labor Day weekend. BH Cosmetics was having a buy one get one free sale! How could I possibly pass that deal up lol I bought the sixth edition 120 color eyeshadow palette. The only con about this deal was the buy one get one free sale consisted of purchasing the exact same palette. I wanted to try two different palettes, but hey can’t complain a sale is a sale lol. I gifted the other palette to one of my girlfriends, she loved the colors as well! Atleast it went to someone who appreciates my love for makeup too! 

This palette is perfect for those fall looks I’m striving for! It has beautiful neutral shades, and some pops of color! I swatched a few of the shades and it was so pigmented. I can’t wait to create new looks with these eyeshadows! It was a deal I couldn’t resist and I’m glad I was able to catch such a beautiful palette on sale!


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