No more Monday woes! 

Monday mornings come, and many of us feel overwhelmed and sometimes unmotivated. It doesn’t have to be like that. If you prepare yourself for the week ahead you’ll more than likely feel ready to take on the new week!

Sundays! My favorite day to get refocused and plan out the week ahead! Set goals for yourself throughout the week and achieve them! I take about an hour or so and prioritize what I need to get done. I utilize my planner to make my to do lists for my work, personal, and blogging life. I meal prep my meals for my busy week ahead. I find that when I plan my meals it not only saves me time, but ensures I stay on track and I’m following a healthy diet. Getting the dreaded laundry done lol it’s a must and I feel so much better when I know laundry is taken care.
The night before I plan what I’m going to wear to work. I don’t like running late in the morning due to indecisiveness on what to wear. I pack my gym bag with me. Now I have no excuse not to get a 30-45 minute workout after work. Chances are if I head home to change after work for the gym the likelihood of me going back out is pretty slim lol.

De cluttering areas of the house, and cleaning is rather helpful. Getting enough rest is super important, it sets the tone for the day! Having a balanced breakfast to start off the day! Following my Sunday routine always makes me feel prepared for the week ahead, gets my Monday morning off to an amazing start!


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