Pursuing my dreams, starting beauty school! 

Hey all! I’m beyond excited to start this new journey in my life. I’ve always had a love for the beauty industry and admired those who have successful careers in this industry! Like many I took the traditional career path, graduating from an institution with an undergrad degree. I realized I wasn’t fully content taking this route. I realized my true passion in life is all things related to beauty. Read More

Update on life lol

Soooo….I know it’s been forever since my last post! A lot has changed since, I graduated from my esthetician program at Aveda on March 9, 2018! It felt like such a long journey, and felt like it would never end. Looking back now time really flew!As the finish line was approaching I was getting the dreaded”senioritis” Luckily, I was able to shake it off push through, and finish strong!

The day after completion of my program I woke up with a feeling of accomplishment. I fulfilled my life long dream of becoming an esthetician! But it wasn’t over just yet….lol. In order to get employment a license is required to work. I had to take my state licensing exam, my schools admissions director was out on medical leave. By state law your school has to submit all your paperwork to the health department in order to take the state licensing exam. I utilized those days to unwind and go over the test material. A week past, I received the call I was anticipating from the admissions director. I was all set to schedule my exam! Immediately called my best girlfriend and we scheduled our exam for the following week! I spent countless hours reviewing my study guide, and Milady’s book. The big day was here I was anxious, I could barely sleep tossing and turning up at 4 in the morning to study lol. My exam was scheduled for 1pm. I began to get myself ready at 8am. I went down to the test center at 12pm. They ask a few standard questions, and require identification. Before taking the exam they take a photo of you prior so when you pass your exam they are able to print out a temporary pass. All your belongings had to be stowed away in a locker, including any light jackets you might be wearing. When you’re finally able to enter the testing room the exam proctor explains if anything pops up on your screen, we would have to call her over to remove the pop up box. The test was a very serious matter, I was scared to cough lol let alone click on any unknown pop up box on my desktop.

The exam is 110 questions, 10 questions do not count against you. The exam is 90 minutes. The questions were very familiar, I could thank my teachers for instilling the knowledge in me and for studying daily. My best advice for anyone is study daily anything and everything helps! I completed my exam within the test time constraints. Immediately your test scores are revealed. My heart was pounding as I was hitting continue to view my test scores. It delays for a few seconds, which felt like an eternity lol. I had passed my exam! My heart dropped and I was so relieved! At that moment you would think you were a licensed esthetician, lol no you still need to submit an application to the health department in your state. I could look for work in the mean time, but wasn’t able to practice. I submitted my application in person. I had to ensure nothing was misplaced in the mail, or no delays occurs. The following day I typed in my name and saw a pending status. It was such a great feeling seeing my name on the health department website!

A few days after my license number was posted! I felt so proud of all my hard work! The times I felt defeated, frustrated that voice kept telling me to push through! Like the saying goes if it doesn’t challenge you, it won’t change you. The sky is the limit, I can thank my Lord and Savior for helping me along the way! Through all obstacles, with him I can do all things. You always have to remind yourself you can do it, no one is going to look out for you better than you! Live your dreams you never want to wake up one day and say maybe I should have, or regret for not fulfilling your life’s purpose.

I’m working hard on a few projects, this is a long time coming! I will keep you all updated on where I am on my next projects until then it’s a secret lol….


Its been awhile….couple months left!

Hey all! I know it’s been quite some time since my last post! I apologize, time has really flown by. I’m almost done with my program! This is so surreal in just a couple months I will be a licensed esthetician! Since my last update I have completed the first portion of my program, currently I am in clinic which means I’m able to start booking clients. It’s been an exciting but nerve wrecking experience. I wasn’t sure how I was going to feel, but I enjoy taking clients and making them feel amazing after a facial! The clients that I’ve had thus far have commended me on my work, it’s such an amazing feeling to know my hard work is paying off. I ensure at the end of every appointment I provide my clients with my business card, it’s always great to connect and have repeat clientele.

I’m finally in a place where I’m truly happy with my career, and pursuing my passion. The feedback from my instructors has been nothing but positive, but of course constructive criticism comes along, which I appreciate and look for ways to improve myself daily! Ive recently began posting my makeup work on my social media accounts. I was a bit nervous to put my work out, but if I don’t put myself out there no one else will. I had thoughts of what if others judge me, don’t like my work but to be quite honest who cares lol. You have to do things for you, and no one else! I’ve learned to live for me and to let others have their opinions. At the end of the day those are their opinions and it is irrelevant to me.

For Christmas my friends bought me my first official makeup case, this was one of the best gifts I received! I’m able to have a place to put all my makeup when I have appointments for a makeup application. The case not only is chic, and stylish it’s very professional and gives a great first impression to client.

The next couple of months are going to fly by! It’s such an exciting time in my life of great transition. This change couldn’t have come at a better time, when you are able to figure out what makes you happy in life everything seems to fit in place and just flows naturally. Everything happens for a reason, I have prayed daily for God to lead my path and direct the footsteps of my life. Without him I wouldn’t be where I am today. I am excited for the last leg of this journey, I will keep you all posted on the next steps!

It’s been a while! Esthetics program update!

Hey all! It’s been some time lol I’ve been so busy with life especially school. This program has completely taken over my life…for the time being. I am going into my eighth week! Time really has flown by. I am a third of the way done with my program! I’m beyond excited, this has been a dream of mine since childhood.

In time since my last update, I’ve received my Aveda Esthetics Kit! The products from Aveda are plant based. Aveda cares for the world we live based on the products that are made. At Aveda we strive to set an example for environmental leadership and responsibility not just in the world of beauty, but around the world. Connecting beauty, environment, and well being is the vision of Aveda. The picture above is essentials for an Aveda Facial! I’ve practiced on a few other students throughout my school, this gave me a better understanding of different skin types and conditions I could come across as an esthetician. In two more weeks we will graduate to the next level, meaning I can start taking clients very soon! It’s exciting but nerve wrecking! To think the first I ever performed a facial was on one of my classmates, boy I was so nervous my hands were literally shaking lol. I feel so much more comfortable compared to my first time giving a facial.

It’s one thing to learn from a textbook, but to actually put into practice what you’re learning is an even better experience! It makes everything learned flow together harmoniously. I’ve enjoyed every step so far, the good and bad days. The bad days don’t over shadow the good ones though, I’ve met so amazing strong like minded females in my class. This has made those oh so bad moments, not so bad.

Next week we begin learning about waxing! I’m ready for this part of our program. Ive become more confident with each day that passes, according to my instructor. I feel confident in my abilities to perform my facials, and massages! I’m loving each day how I’m progressing and perfecting my craft! Everything can only go up from here!

My first makeup kit! 

My first official makeup kit! Finally took the time to invest in my craft! If you don’t invest in yourself, no one else will! Before I was using my own products on friends and family, but felt it wasn’t “official” since I’m using my own personal makeup. I feel as an aspiring makeup artist it’s best to have your own kit specifically for clients. It has more of a professional feel, makes me feel I’m making a great impression on those that I’m servicing! 

It definitely helps that all the items I purchased were at a great steal! BH Cosmetics was having a sale, and I couldn’t resist it lol. The products I purchased are great kit essentials to have. I was able to get a great eyeshadow palette with many neutrals and fun colors to create amazing looks. The pro line from BH Cosmetics I heard was an amazing line, and for makeup artists this is great! I was able to get the Studio pro concealers of different shades, setting spray, primer, and makeup sponges. I will definitely purchase again soon! I ordered the single use products on amazon. I purchased disposable mascara wands, eye liner, and a lip wand. It’s professional but most importantly hygienic! I purchased the small mist bottles for my disinfectant for my products. I still need a few more essentials but I’m super happy with my kit so far! Believe in yourself, your craft and know you can achieve anything you set your mind too! 

My Esthetician program update! 

Started my program last week and boy did I have a bunch of emotions and feelings lol. I was feeling nervous, excited, happy, out of place, unsure but I stuck it through, and I’m glad I did. The first day is generally long, draining and filled with information you’re bound to forget lol let’s be honest. I met some awesome girls in my class and I know I’ll be able to make it the next six months. I know some days will have its challenges, but I know I’ll be able to stick it through! On the first day we received a warm welcome from the owner of the Aveda Institute and was bought lunch on our first day, way to make a girl feel special. 

The first items we received was an Aveda t-shirt, apron, and our books. We were already assigned homework lol but it wasn’t bad at all just writing a letter to our future self. I received my iPad, the iPad contains the videos we have to watch daily that demonstrates the various facial and massage techniques. Also, we have a workbook that has our daily assignments, at this Institute it’s called homeplay, rather than homework. I should be receiving my skincare products for my kit fairly soon! The products in my kit is what we will use during our clinical class on one another to practice what we have learned. 

The dress code is all black everything, professional attire. This includes our name tag, clean and natural makeup. Needless to say, I had to go shopping and purchase school attire. Well this gave me an excuse to go shopping lol. 

The learning I’ve experienced already at Aveda Institute is proof I made the right decision to attend this school. The instructors care so much for the students, and are willing to ensure everyone understands what the content is about. They adjust to each students learning style, and I love that. Not many schools would be willing to ensure all students learning styles are taken into consideration. I know this time is going to fly by because week three is just around the corner. I enjoy coming to school daily, and enjoy learning. 

This week I’ve learned so much not only about the content in class, but more so about myself. I truly understand the meaning of the saying do what makes you happy. This has been a passion of mine since I was in elementary school, but let the words of family members discourage me from pursuing my dream. I’m finally in a place where happiness is all I want, and it’s so close! This is just the beginning, it can only get better! I’m so happy I listened to that inner my inner voice that’s been silent for so long! I have that fire within me, I can do anything I set my mind to! Believe me when I say do what makes you happy, you have to live your life everyday not those that discourage your dreams! 

I can’t wait to keep you all updated throughout my journey! 

DIY nails!

I recently started doing my nails at home again, boy can we say savings lol. Probably won’t catch me at the nail salon for a bit lol. Not only did I have fun creating different looks, but I get more compliments on my press on’s than my salon nails. The cost of this was about $13 dollars! I ordered a 200 pack of nails, and large assortment of rhinestones on amazon. The smaller pack of rhinestones I purchased at my local dollar tree. 

How I achieved this look was to firstly measure each press on to my natural nails. Once I have the correct nails, I attach each nail to a q-tip with tape. I place the nails on a paper towel to avoid a mess. I paint the nails on the paper towel, and add the necessary coats. For my accent nails I added rhinestones to the bottom of the nail. This was my first time using rhinestones, it wasn’t the best application but I tried lol. I used the tools from the rhinestones for an easier application. I allowed the nails to dry overnight to ensure no smudging. Upon applying my press on nails, I push the cuticles back with my cuticle tool. This is what makes the nail look as natural, have the press on as close to the cuticle. After applying all press on’s, I use my nail file to file the sides and near my cuticles for a natural appearance! Voila! You’ve just achieved your at home manicure! Now go show them off lol
Love, love, love this look. One of my favorites so far! I can’t wait to achieve more looks, and perfect my craft lol. 

BH Cosmetics Fall shadows! 

I purchased this palette during Labor Day weekend. BH Cosmetics was having a buy one get one free sale! How could I possibly pass that deal up lol I bought the sixth edition 120 color eyeshadow palette. The only con about this deal was the buy one get one free sale consisted of purchasing the exact same palette. I wanted to try two different palettes, but hey can’t complain a sale is a sale lol. I gifted the other palette to one of my girlfriends, she loved the colors as well! Atleast it went to someone who appreciates my love for makeup too!  Read More

New goodies!

A few goodies I picked up this weekend! For the longest time, I’ve used the Makeup Forever HD foundation. It’s been my holy grail foundation. I went to Sephora this past weekend, and rather go for my regular lol I opted for a new type of foundation. I bought the Smashbox studio skin 15 hour hydrating foundation. I’ve heard great things about this brand. This foundation is buildable! I can either go for the natural everyday look or add more coverage for that full glam look! I wore the foundation for about 8 hours, it held up great! I have oily skin, and to have a foundation that will last all day and not crack sometimes can be tricky. Don’t get me wrong I still love my makeup forever, but this one is my new favorite lol
I bought the Olendriksen sheer transformation perfecting moisturizer. I was in the check out line, and just like the grocery store Sephora has a bunch of goodies as you’re waiting in line lol. I needed a new moisturizer anyways. Read More

September Ipsy Glam Bag!

I just received my September glam bag from ipsy! Let me tell you, this is my favorite bag thus far. The bag this month is an all black faux leather spiked bag! Can we say super chic and classy! I love the simplicity, yet it makes such a powerful statement.
This month I received a lipgloss from color pop, I’ve always loved their matte lipsticks. I have yet to try one of their glosses. My first impression of the gloss is it’s a beautiful color. Its in the shade Ipsy VIP. It’s shiny without the sticky feel most lipgloss give. It’s a medium coverage and super moisturizing! I received the Beauty For Real 24-7 eyeliner. I assumed I would have received the jet black shade, but was rather surprised with the champagne color! Let me tell you, they found a customer for life lol I love the color and it’s so pigmented! I wore it for a night out with the girls, and it lasted all night!

Read More

TJ Maxx Makeup gems!

Who doesn’t love a good bargain?!….I absolutely do! I was out shopping at TJ Maxx, which is one of my favorite stores! At TJ Maxx you’re able to find designer items for a fraction of the price! I was walking around the makeup section, of course that would be my first stop lol. My eye immediately went towards the eyeshadow palettes. What did I see, I saw the Marc Jacobs Object of Desire face and eye palette! I was in awe and disbelief, I looked at the price and saw $29.99! originally retailing for $50.00. Read More